"you're only given a little spark of madness. you mustn't lose it"

Nobody's Girl


Nobody's Girl


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Animal Media Group approached me to create a trailer for their latest book release and memoir of Nobody's Girl.

Barbara Amaya's memoir describes her loss of innocence and transformation through modern day slavery and journey from a trafficking victim to human rights advocate.

To tease her story through a visual narrative, we built moments of anxiety by framing a dark setting with engaging visuals curating awareness of sex trafficking the most delicate and effective way we could. It was humbling to find out that we touched a lot of audience including the award winning author herself.

The music played a very big role in this project. Having the creative freedom to set the tone musically is always a great challenge to direct and I very much enjoyed working closely with Paul to achieve that. The technical part I enjoyed the most from this project was the raw and organic outcome we created after each pass went by. I very much enjoyed animating with Photoshop brushes and discovering what 3D body paint could do.

A beautifully dark and harrowing trailer for Nobody’s Girl by Barbara Amaya. Excellently framed and really sets the tone of the content.
— Alpha Channel
From the first frame through the very last, “Nobody’s Girl” captured me and refused to let go. Every single element, from visuals to copy to sound design, worked seamlessly to build tension and propel the story forward. This is a piece of art you feel deep in your bones.
— Paula Biondich, AAF Judge 2016


Client Animal Media Group
Studio Animal Inc.
Creative Director Idil Gözde & Samm Hodges
Copywriter Samm Hodges
Producer Ally Oleynik
Art Director Idil Gözde
Design Idil Gozde, Gavin Kosko
3D Animation Idil Gözde, Carver Koella, Gavin Kosko, Lenny Wilson
2D Animation Idil Gozde, Gavin Kosko, Kris Boban, Sean Wright, Jordyn Bowers, Lauren Simmons, David Good
Original Music Paul Zito
Sound Design Paul Zito




AAF 2016  Judges' Choices Award
AAF 2016  Best Online Advertising Silver Award